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Analysis Of The Baby Products Market In Africa

May 21, 2019

With the continuous development of the economy, the urbanization process in Africa is accelerating. According to data from the McKinsey Research Center, the level of urbanization on the African continent has exceeded that of India (30%), slightly lower than China (45%).


In less than a decade, more than one million African cities will have more than one million inhabitants.


African cities currently account for more than 40% of Africa's 1 billion people. The urban population of Africa is growing by about 3.5% a year, and by 2030, more than 500 million Africans will live in cities. People will learn more about brands, products and services, and try to buy them, and finally choose the most suitable products. Urban residents also have more money to buy high-quality and safe baby products, and the quality of baby products is higher.


The African Development Bank defines the African middle class as someone who spends between $2 and $20 a day. Currently, more than 300 million people on the African continent meet this category and are driving the rapid growth of the African economy.


At the same time, in the suburbs, rural areas, there is also a huge demand for baby products, such as disposable baby diapers, baby insulation pads, baby diapers, baby care pads, baby bibs and so on.


Currently, the average birth rate in sub-Saharan Africa is 35 per 1,000 Africans. This number appears in nearly 25 million babies born each year in Africa.


From the moment these babies are born, they will need food, clothing, care and many other things that currently maintain the African multi-million dollar baby products market.


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