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Assortment of Duvet Fabrics

May 05, 2019

1. Yarn fabric

Plain weave features: firm texture, same positive and negative effects, and good air permeability.

Twill characteristics: different crafts, divided into 40, 60, 80 yarn counts, there are positive and negative points, and the float line is long, the hand feels soft.

2. Cotton fabric

Features: It belongs to high-grade fabrics, which are soft, breathable, warm and heat resistant.

3. Satin fabric

Features: It is a kind of cotton, thick, delicate, soft to the touch, bright color; good elasticity and tightness, not easy to be deformed, with reflective effect, can reflect the grade.

4. Brushed fabric

Features: Known as sanding printing, it belongs to high-grade cotton, which has good warmth, smooth suede and soft handfeel.

5. Polyester cotton fabric

Features: It belongs to blended fiber, with good comfort, low cost and bright color; but it is easy to pilling and easy to generate static electricity.

6. High-density and high-density active printing and dyeing quilt cover fabric

Features: It belongs to high-grade fabrics, adopts the first weaving and dyeing process, feels comfortable, smooth surface, rich in gloss and high market price.

7. Bamboo fiber fabric

Features: It uses natural bamboo as raw material and is processed by technology. It has high technology content, smooth surface and breathable. In the hot summer, it can feel cool and promote blood circulation.

8. Hemp fabric

Features: Made from hemp fiber as raw material. It has no stimulating effect on the human body, helps sleep, lowers skin temperature, and has good health care functions.


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