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Bib usage introduction

Feb 17, 2017

Bib grew up with baby supplies indispensable! from newborn to kindergarten are inseparable from, the selection of bib is something many mother upset.

Starting from the 4th month, and some baby teeth begin to grow. Because the baby's saliva increases and oral are relatively shallow, and closed his lips and swallow but also coordination, baby can't swallow saliva secretion, so will flow a lot of saliva. At this time, to protect the baby's neck and chest are wet saliva, can give your baby is wearing a bib. So not only can make your baby feel comfortable, but can also reduce the frequency of change. Bibs can go to the store to buy baby supplies, can also use absorbent cloth, thin cloth or cloth towels to make her own. Worth noting is, don't bother to choose bib made of plastics and rubber, although this bib is not afraid of moisture, but adverse effects on the baby's Chin and hand.