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Cleaning Method For The Urine Pad

Apr 22, 2019

The diaper pad is not a diaper, nor a diaper. Its main function is to isolate the urine to ensure that the scorpion or mattress below is not wetted by the urine. The diaper pad is preferably wet and replaced immediately to ensure that the baby's butt is dry. . Today, for everyone to answer the insulation pad can be machine wash?


1. Can the urine pad be washed? The diaper pad can be cleaned, but some are disposable and thrown away when used up. If the urine pad can be cleaned, can it be put into the washing machine to clean it? In fact, according to the characteristics of the urine pad, it is recommended that the hand wash is better. The main function of the urine pad is the waterproof layer. If the washing machine is used, it is easy to lose the water layer and lose its role. And machine wash, can only be washed separately, can not be mixed with other clothes to clean, so it is easy for other bacteria, machine wash, then no hand wash so clean, and machine washable urine pad is easy to break, life is not long.


Second, for many mothers, how to choose the right insulation pad for your baby, what brand of urine pad is good? Is a more concerned issue, the size of the urine pad is designed according to the age, usually 0-1 year old baby, still relatively small, you can not buy so big, buy small is enough, if it is 1 year old baby or above, it is the baby will move, you can buy a larger insulation pad to avoid soiling the bedding. As for what brand is good, it is recommended to choose some good, relatively large brands, such as: ramie antibacterial insulation pad, bamboo fiber printing to increase the pad and so on. Not only look at the brand, but also pay attention to the material, the insulation pad has pure cotton, pockmark, fiber and so on.