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Comparison Of Warp Knitting And Weft Knitting

Apr 26, 2019

1: Extensibility of the fabric:

(1) Warp-----Extension is limited, usually slightly lateral, and almost no vertical.

(2) Weft knitting - both vertical and horizontal have good extension.

2: Fabric dismantling:

(1) Warp knitting----not easy to break up;

(2) Weft knitting - easy to break.

3: Device debugging conversion:

(1) Warp knitting----Regulating varieties is complicated and time is spent more;

(2) Weft knitting ------ adjust the variety is simple and efficient.

4: Production efficiency:

(1) Warp knitting----Weaving (weaving) flat fabrics only, weaving semi-finished products;

(2) Weft knitting - can produce flat and cylindrical fabric rolls, which can be woven into garments, garments and molded fabrics.

5: Production volume:

(1) Warp knitting----Having a certain batch size to produce,

(2) Weft knitting ---- can be produced in small batches (even 1 kg).

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