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Correct Choice Of Adult Reusable Underpad

Mar 27, 2019

The elderly in the family are old and the families with limited mobility know that it is very difficult to deal with the night in the evening.

reusable underpad

Older people, the action is not very light, and the night is dimly lit, it is very easy to fall or hurt because of the night, it is easy to make the elderly cold;

Old people who have been in bed for a long time are not comfortable with their family members. If they do not use good care products, the problem of getting up at night will cause great inconvenience to the elderly. It will not only affect the elderly’s sleep all night, but also easily cause problems such as bacteria. Causes secondary damage to the elderly.

We all know that the sleep of the elderly is as expensive as gold. Therefore, it is very important to let the elderly sleep comfortably at night, so it is very important to choose safe and comfortable adult care pads. Through the use of adult reusable underpad, it is very good to ensure that the elderly have a healthy, comfortable and steady sleep state.


Yikang health reusable underpad, the surface material is made of spunbond non-woven fabric, the skin contact is soft and comfortable. The unique patented composite superabsorbent core can quickly absorb liquid, firmly lock the urine, keep the skin clean and dry. In the process of use, the ventilation is not boring, and the flatness is not agglomerated. It is the best choice for the elderly who are in bed for a long time and the incontinent, and gives the elderly a restful night of sleep.

reusable underpads