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Difference between warp and weft-knitted fabrics

Jun 17, 2017

Difference between warp and weft-knitted fabrics

Knitted fabric is by the coil chains linked together, depending on the weaving methods can be divided into weft knitting and warp knit fabrics in two broad categories.

Weft-knitted fabric, as usual, sportswear, underwear, socks and hand-knitted sweaters, fabric, are based on the lateral braid forming of weft yarn sequence. Warp is all knitting needles while lapping into a ring. Warp-knitted fabrics with weft knitted fabrics than General Extensibility is relatively small. Most of the lateral has a significant extension of weft knitted fabrics. Extension of WARP-KNITTING and the number of guide comb and the organization. Warp knit fabrics are extensive both horizontally and vertically, but the fabric dimensional stability is very good. Warp-knitted fabrics with different organizations, reduce the kind of weft-knitted fabric breaking yarn, run or ladder defects caused by holes. In addition, because they use different weights of yarn warp knitted fabrics and different weft knits, mesh organizations can lead to different forms and simple pattern transformation and so on, so almost all fabrics can be woven. But on the other hand, warp to get products like the weft knitted fabrics is more difficult, it must undergo secondary operations such as cutting, sewing, and in order to successfully weave, and warping.

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