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Difference Between Warp Knitted Fabrics and Weft Knitted Fabric

Apr 25, 2019

Weft Knitted Fabric

Refers to a knitted fabric that is woven from the transverse direction. That is, the weft knitting machine makes the yarn reciprocating (or circular motion) from one side of the machine to the other side, and a new knitting stitch can be formed by the movement of the knitting needle. The weft knitted fabric yarn travels in a transverse direction, and the fabric is formed by weaving a row of yarns in a row and a row in a row direction. All the coils of a row are woven from a single yarn. The weft knitted fabric can be finished on a flat knitting machine or a circular machine.

Warp-knitted yarns are warp-knitted in warp-knitted fabrics, like the warp yarns of woven fabrics, which are fed by warp beam and are wound on the shaft with a large number of parallel-arranged yarns, similar to the warp beam in the weaving. . The direction of the yarn in the warp knit is warp. A vertical coil is formed in one course and then moved diagonally to the other wales to form another coil in the next course. The yarn advances in a zigzag shape from one side to the other along the length of the fabric, and each of the stitches in a row is made of a different yarn. Warp knitting with multiple yarns while looping along the longitudinal (warp direction) of the fabric

Weft knitting with one or more yarns in the order of the transverse (weft) of the sector

Weft-knitted knitwear can be formed with at least one yarn, but in order to improve production efficiency, a plurality of yarns are generally used for weaving; and a warp-knitted fabric is a fabric that cannot be formed, one yarn Only a loop of one coil can be formed.

All weft knits can be detached into a line in the reverse weaving direction, but the warp knit can not.

Warp knit fabrics cannot be hand woven.

The simplest and most intuitive way to distinguish is to observe that the front and back lines are consistent with weft knitting and vertical is warp knitting. In general, the weft is divided into plain, ribbed and double-sided. The warp is divided into flat, through the chain, through the satin and the warp.

Moreover, the warp knitting can not be separated, and the weft knitting can be detached in the weft direction.