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Fabric properties

Feb 17, 2017

Physical performance (Physical Property): density, and yarn support, and grams heavy, and yarn twist, and yarn strong, and fabric structure, and fabric thickness, and coil length, and fabric cover coefficient, and fabric wrinkle shrink or weaving shrink rate, and song oblique deformation, and stretch strong, and tear strong, and seams slip, and seams strong, and bonded strong, and single yarn strong, and yarn of units line density strong, and anti-hook silk, and folding marks reply angle test, and stiffness degrees test, and refused water test, and anti-leak sex, and elastic and the reply force, and breathable sex, and through vapor performance, and Flammability of clothing, children clothing flammability, bursting strength, abrasion resistance test, anti-pilling

Color fastness (Colorfastness): high colour fastness to washing (sample), resistant to rubbing and the fastness, chlorine water color fastness, non-chlorine bleach color fastness, resistance to dry cleaning fastness, color fastness to actual laundering (garments, fabrics), perspiration fastness, color fastness, light resistance, color fastness to water resistance, color fastness-colour fastness to saliva

Dimensional stability (Dimensional Stability): the washing machine wash, hand wash good dimensional stability the dimensional stability, dimensional stability to dry cleaning, steam size stability

Appearance retention (Apperance After Wesh): washing machine wash the appearance of stability, stability, dry cleaning hand wash exterior appearance of stability

Chemical composition analysis (Chemical Analysis): PH content, formaldehyde, lead, azo, heavy metal content, water absorption, moisture, odor, and cotton mercerizing effects of sublimation, hot, dry heat, storage spots, alkali, acid spots, water spots, such as phenolic yellowing

Component analysis (Fiber Content Analysis): cotton, hemp, wool (Lamb, rabbit), silk, polyester, rayon, spandex, nylon, cashmere and other