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Fabric shrink

Feb 17, 2017

1. the fabric shrinkage of fabric shrinkage refers to fabric in washing or after immersion, textile shrinkage percentage. In General, maximum fabric shrinkage polyester and its blended fabrics, followed by wool fabrics, linen fabrics, textile Center, shrinking great, but the biggest is viscose, rayon, synthetic wool fabric.

2. fabric shrinkage factor: ① fabric material is different, different shrinkage rates. In General, the hygroscopic fiber, fiber after immersion expansion, diameter, length and shrinkage. Water absorption rate of up to 13% of viscose rayon, and poor moisture-absorbing synthetic fabrics, the shrinkage is small. ② fabric density and shrinkage are different. Weft density is similar to the shrinkage of weft are close. By the density of the fabric, to shrink, whereas weft density greater than warp density fabric weft shrink is large. ③ fabric different yarn thickness, shrinkage is also different. Shrinkage yarn of coarse cloth, yarn of fine fabric shrinkage rate is small. ④ different fabric production process, shrinkage is also different. In General, during the process of weaving and dyeing and finishing of fabrics, fiber to stretch several times, long processing time, large tension fabric water shrinkage, but small.