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How Big Is The Size Of The Newborn Urine Pad

May 18, 2019

1, The urine pad generally buy 60 * 70cm medium size can be, not too big. Many people like to be oversized and feel at ease when they are almost as big as a small bed. Actually not, the urine pad is not breathable, and it is not good for the baby to sleep on it. Usually when you change the diaper, it will be better in the ass. Mothers can prepare two, but it is best to have one of them to be thin and easy to carry when you go out.


2, The baby chooses to buy the trumpet in the hour, directly on the medium, to choose a large size. Because the baby sleeps more lovingly, not fixed in one position. Especially in the summer, when a hot baby is asleep in a place, it will naturally move, and the small cushion will not work. You can also go straight to the big one. Anyway, the winter mat is under the sheets, the size does not matter.