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How To Choose A Underpads

May 29, 2019

1. Select according to the material.


At present, the main materials for making the diaper pad are: cotton, cotton and bamboo fiber: among them, the cotton and linen are relatively durable, stable in size, have certain elasticity, are not easy to wrinkle, and are easy to clean, but the water absorption of the fabric. Poor sex; pure cotton has the advantages of good hygroscopicity, soft and non-irritating material, comfortable to wear, but easy to produce wrinkles, easy to deform, not conducive to the baby turning and activities, washing is not convenient; bamboo fiber is cool, breathable, absorbent And it has good abrasion resistance and natural antibacterial effect. It is the first choice material for diaper pad in recent years;


2. Select according to the thickness.


Select the diaper pad to pay attention to its thickness, the thickness is best moderate, because if the thickness of the diaper pad is too thick, it will naturally affect the breathability, which has a certain impact on the baby's health; and too thin and affect the ability to absorb water, comprehensively The thickness of the diaper pad is most suitable from two to three layers of material;


3, According to the size to choose.


At present, there are various specifications for the diaper pad on the market, such as 35*50CM, 50*70cm, 100*150cm, 70*120cm, etc., and we should choose a larger size diaper pad when purchasing. In theory, The larger the size of the diaper pad, the greater the range of protection provided, even if the baby turns around the activity can effectively provide protection, of course, should also be combined with the size of the crib, so that the diaper pad can be placed more snugly Baby bed


4. Select according to the quality certification.


Due to the different quality of the diaper pad on the market, when purchasing a diaper pad, be sure to check whether the product has a quality safety certificate or quality inspection report. If there is no relevant certification, there may be potential Quality problems, it is recommended not to buy, so as not to use the inferior products to affect the baby's health.




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