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How To Use A Diaper Pad

May 30, 2019

Use a few sheets of diaper pad at a time, depending on the specific use of the child. The diaper pad is not a diaper, nor a diaper. Its main function is to isolate the baby's stool to ensure that the scorpion or diaper below is not made dirty. It is best to replace the diaper pad when it is wet to ensure that the baby is dry. Putting the towel between the baby and the diaper can reduce the degree of contamination of the diaper. When changing the diaper, discard the used pad.

1. Double-effect diaper pad can be used on both sides and should be placed between the baby and the diaper.

2, The baby double function of the urine pad to add natural Chinese herbal ingredients, baby urine powder to relieve the baby's sense of discomfort caused by urine, to avoid the urine to the baby's skin stimulation, protect the baby's delicate skin.

3, Because it contains natural Chinese herbal medicine ingredients, it can play a cool and hygienic role, prevent bacteria from infecting the baby's skin, and effectively prevent diaper rash.

4. When the baby is licking, the water is completely infiltrated into the diaper by the pores of the diaper.

5, Keep the baby's skin dry and comfortable, prevent diaper rash, is a must-have daily necessities for babies.

6. When changing the diaper, discard the used diaper, and the diaper is not stained much, which reduces the trouble of cleaning.

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