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How to Use A Disposable Urine Pad

Mar 28, 2019

For long-term use of the pad, you can put it on the bed directly in the winter, then put the diaper on the baby and put it on the pad. Dirty can be cleaned. It is best to use it under the sheets when using it in summer. Because many of the pads are impervious to water and air. Putting under the sheets prevents your baby from sweating and air.

disposable urine pad

Spread it on the sheets when you use it, and put your baby on the mat. The urine pad absorbs your baby's urine and ensures that it does not leak onto the sheets. Some parents are afraid that the diaper will be airtight, and the baby will use traditional diapers, which will easily wet the sheets. The spacer is used to isolate the baby's PP and sheets. The diaper pad and the diaper diaper should be used together, not a substitute.


Many of the newly-married parents may have not touched the diaper pad, have not used it, and do not know how to use it. In fact, this product can be born from a child, can be used until 2 or 3 years old, the child is more likely to wet the bed at this time, the manufacturer of the diaper pad said that if you use diapers, it will never be big, but if it is summer, day, child break When using diapers, this product is indeed a must.


The diaper pad can be placed directly on the child, or in the winter, a bath towel sheet can be added to it. In the summer, a piece of cotton sheets can be placed on the top, because the surface of the diaper pad is a terry cloth. It will feel hot when you touch the skin. Summer children's diapers will also feel awkward, and the urine pad will come in handy. When the child wants to fall asleep, bring the cotton diaper to the child. Of course, it is slightly fixed. When the child has urinated, remove the diaper directly. If the urine is bad, the manufacturer of the diaper pad suggests that the diaper pad is wet. Remove it and replace it again.