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Maternal Care Pad Considerations

May 24, 2019

The maternity care pad is a maternity sanitary napkin, because after the mother gives birth, the lochia is not exhausted at all, and needs a pad.

In the highly sensitive period of postpartum, which is related to the vital interests of the mother, it is recommended that the mother choose a high-quality puerperium care mat brand. There are many types of nursing mats in the puerperium, such as cotton noodles and mesh surfaces. They all have their own characteristics. Generally speaking, the sanitary napkins have a fast absorption speed, the mesh surface has good anti-leakage performance, and the appropriate medical sanitary napkins have health care functions. However, because each person's physical quality is different, the feeling of the sanitary napkin will be different. If some people think that the mesh surface is dry, some people will feel that the mesh surface is not comfortable with the skin, and some people still have a sanitary napkin. Will produce allergies and so on. So choose the type that suits you best based on the actual feelings you use.

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