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Origin of the fabric

Feb 17, 2017

Long before humans and some animals, insects, birds can be interspersed with some fine lines like tangles, overlap the connection constitute a large lump, make it a certain shape and function. Initially spinning and weaving began about 6000 years ago ordered: people began to use the shuttle to spin inserted into a long yarn, weave woven fabric, by means of rods, hooks, needle, pull yarn through, woven knitted fabrics using alkaline substances to make fur felt, no textiles classes felt.

After a long period of craft practice, exploration and production improved, weaving tools efficiency continued to improve, gradually fine textile raw material selection, processing, structured innovation. Textile industry's rapid growth and industrialization along with new materials, machinery manufacturing, mechanical and electrical power control the development of modern industry, in nearly 100 years to complete. Weaving tools, textile raw materials, organizational structure continues to move in the direction of development of new technology, high technology.