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Pad difference between disposable pad and washable septum

Jan 01, 2018

Disposable pad are also called disposable care pads. is a PE film, Non-woven fabrics, fluff pulp, polymer and other materials made of disposable sanitary products, mainly used in hospital surgery, gynecological examination, maternal care, child care, paralysis patients with urinary incontinence, women menstrual time use.

Washable pad also called repeated use of nursing pads, is a cleaning after the re-use of textile products. When used, place it on the sheet and the user's body on the mat. The pad can absorb bodily fluids (urine, blood) from the user and ensure that the sheets are not leaked. Also known as washable care mat

The components of washable pad are as follows: Layer 1: Polyester warp knitting fabric 2: Cotton polyester blended fabric 3: TPU Waterproof breathable membrane 4 layer: polyester warp knitted fabric