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The Distinction Between PU Leather And Natural Leather:

Jun 04, 2019

First, smell:

Pu leather has no fur taste, and some are just plastic. However, the natural animal leather is different, and has a strong fur taste, even after being treated, there will be a greater taste.

Second, look at the pores

Natural leather can see patterns or pores, and you can use your nails to wipe, you can see the animal fibers that are erected, pu leather products can not see pores or patterns, if you see obvious traces of artificial carving That is the pu material, so by looking, we can also identify.

Third, touch by hand

The feel of natural leather is very good and flexible. However, the feel of pu leather is relatively poor, the feel of pu is like touching plastic, the elasticity is very poor, so the true and false leather can be judged by bending leather products.