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Use of Disposable Care Pads

Mar 29, 2019

Not every elderly person can enjoy a very good time in his later years. Some people choose to live by themselves. Some people will spend their old age in bed, but no matter how they spend, everyone needs a comfortable sleep time, when sleeping, some old people will have no time to get up at night, so they can urinate in bed. In order to avoid this phenomenon, some people will choose to use the nursing pad.

disposable care pads

Introduction to single-use nursing pads:

The disposable nursing pad is made of cotton-resistant dry mesh surface layer, made of non-woven fabric softer than the skin. It has strong penetrating power and fast absorption. The mesh design will quickly flow the liquid to various places without urinating. The liquid gathers in one place, there is no soaking, baby red butt, allergies, etc. Its bottom is made of PE leakage-proof layer, which does not penetrate the liquid into the bed and has a strong shrinking function. It is mainly suitable for incontinence, paralyzed patients, infants, female menstrual nights, and men and women.

Instructions for use of disposable care pads

The disposable nursing pad is also very convenient to use, as long as the nursing pad is tiled on the bed or in the baby's car, but be sure to keep the skin clean and dry during use. Be sure to use it after use. Be sure to replace the new care pad in time to avoid eczema and other symptoms. If you are a patient who has been lying in bed for a long time, you should help him scrub the body, turn over, etc. in time to avoid prolonged skin contact with bed sores.