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Warp knitted garment fabric

Feb 17, 2017

Coat fabric with polyester low-elastic yarn for raw materials in the very popular in the 1980 of the 20th century, nowadays there is a great deal of development.

1, imitation leather fabric warp knit coat of such fabrics in 20th century, and has received attention, but the real development in the last two or three years, which also reflects the fibers and fabric finishing technologies advances in manufacturing technology.

① also known as suede faux suede fabric. This is a Suede short dense, fluffy fine Microfiber products, looks like Suede, fabric is a good coat. Suede has a long history in China, since the early 70 's Japanese production of Superfine fiber success, and after launch the raw materials, also manufacture in China, but as raw material, finishing, technical and other reasons, failed to promote. But then rolling and baking instead of using water soluble polyurethane coating have created significance. Now the production of microfiber faux suede polyester island is generally used method. Three commonly used brush tricot machine stable closely woven fabric, should be carried out after the first pre-shaping fabric pretreatment (often called reduction) to remove stains and surface of the containment material and fiber into ultra fine, and then dyed. A process is a dyed fabric after properly raising, dipped again after drying polyurethane resin, then sanded to get down close, leather and fabrics. Key to finishing first is a component of fiber outside of the sea, ensuring that all micro-fiber loose. Second, polyurethane resin finish to ensure good leather fabrics. Antistatic finishing is required in order to eliminate the phenomenon of static electricity and dust of fabric. Suede with the E28 Tricot machine production, E32, E36, now useful for more detailed Suede, improve product quality, also finishing for further improvements.

② faux leather coated fabrics with the decline of fashion leather clothing, imitation leather fabrics come into being, which may be due to low prices, stiffness qualities of coats, coats, casual design gloss color appearance. This fabric available conventional polyester. High-shrinkage fiber, Micro Fiber cloth, so compact and stable, using weft machines can meet the best requirements for full-width. Commonly used coating for PVC resin, can be a variety of colors and patterns, and can also be coated with PU resin and roll embossing patterns, luggage materials also made very well.