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Washable Underpad related knowledge

Jan 01, 2018

The pad is also called washable nursing pad or washable mattress, whose main function is to protect the sheets from being wetted by the user's bodily fluids. belongs to incontinence care products.

Currently 4-storey structure, including: surface layer, absorbent and waterproof layer and non-slip layer. The suction layer is arranged between the surface layer and the waterproof coating. Its characteristics are that the surface layer for polyester warp-knitted fabric, absorbent water for cotton polyester blended fabric, waterproof layer for TPU waterproof breathable film, Non-slip layer for polyester fiber warp knitted fabrics. The TPU waterproof breathable membrane and the polyester fiber warp knitted fabric are physically pressed together, and then connected with the surface layer and the suction layer after quilting and seam.

Now the world's popular surface fast drying technology. Pour 100ml warm water 5 minutes later, the surface has been dry, very suitable for infants and children with incontinence, the use of the protection of skin is not soaked in urine.