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What Fabric About Baby Insulation Pad Is Great?

Apr 28, 2019

Now the baby's diaper pad on the market has bamboo fiber, cotton gauze, cotton and linen. What kind of material is good? The first thing to consider is whether it is comfortable, because the baby is lying in the most posture, the soft material makes them feel comfortable; in addition, it is necessary to consider whether there is odor, whether it is breathable. Breathable, non-odorous diaper pad fabric will not cause the baby's red butt, will not cause the baby's body allergies.

In summary, the cotton gauze material is very suitable, the cotton gauze pad is very soft and very breathable. Can sterilize antibacterial, of course, which one to choose depends on the preferences of mothers, whether it is cotton, cotton gauze, or bamboo fiber, before use, boiled with boiling water, so that it can be completely sterilized.


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