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What is PU Material

Apr 01, 2019

PU-finished leather is made by processing the second and third layers of natural leather and the residual leather through a special film-forming and laminating process. The surface of the leather is covered with a polyurethane PU surface layer, which gives the leather surface a variety of colors. A variety of patterns, and without losing the advantages of leather breathability and folding resistance, it has its own unique features in appearance and waterproof performance.

PU material characteristics

PU, that is, polyurethane, referred to as polyurethane. It is a polymer compound containing a -NHCOO- unit in a molecular structure, and the unit is obtained by mixing an isocyanate group and a hydroxyl group. The characteristics of pu materials are obvious, and this is also the key to achieving a broad market. In the home decoration industry, it is generally used for the production of skins such as living room sofas.

PU is also called reclaimed leather and recycled leather. It is characterized by light weight, abrasion resistance, non-slip, cold resistance and chemical resistance, but it is expensive, easy to tear, poor in mechanical strength and poor in tear strength. PU color is less. The main color is black or brown. The texture is soft, suitable for use as a leisure bag or furniture skin, the price is not high, easy to discolor.

 pu material

PU fabric is a simulated leather fabric, which is made of man-made materials, has a leather texture, is very durable, and is inexpensive. The PU skin often mentioned in people's mouth is a kind of leather material, such as PVC leather, Italian leather paper, recycled leather, etc. The manufacturing process is slightly complicated. Because the PU base fabric has good tensile strength, it can be coated on the bottom. On the cloth, the base fabric can also be included therein so that the presence of the cloth is not viewed outside. The characteristics of pu materials can be mainly reflected in the following points:

1. Good physical properties, resistance to tortuosity, good softness, high tensile strength and breathability. The pattern of the PU fabric is pressed onto the surface of the semi-finished leather with a pattern paper, and the paper is separated and treated for surface treatment after waiting for cooling.

2, high air permeability, water permeability can reach 8000-14000g/24h/cm2, high peel strength, high water pressure resistance, is the ideal material for the waterproof and breathable clothing fabric surface and bottom layer.

3, The price is high, the price of some special requirements PU fabric is 2-3 times higher than PVC fabric. Generally, the pattern paper required for PU fabrics can only be scrapped after 4-5 times;

4, The use of the pattern roller is long, so the cost of PU leather is higher than that of PVC leather.

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