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What is warp-knitted fabric

Feb 17, 2017

Weaving techniques including weaving (also called weaving), knitted, woven and non-woven, knitted into warp and weft. Field of warp knitting is knit of a textile process. With one or several sets of parallel yarns, for all the work to feed into the machine needle and into a circle to form fabric, this method is known as warp-knitted, knitted fabric called for the formation of WARP-KNITTING.

Knitting is a method of forming fabrics, the fabric called for the formation of knitted fabric. Mutual trap of knitted fabric is made up of coils, according to yarn in knitted fabric knitting direction can be divided into warp and weft knitting. Name of the warp and weft from weaving. Weaving is one of the oldest textile, woven fabric is made up of longitudinal warp and horizontal weft woven into it. In the WARP-KNITTING, yarn along the fabric of the same root (portrait) to form a coil weft knitted fabrics in the same yarn along the fabric weft (horizontal) to form a coil. The weft knitted fabrics will only need a root (or a limited few) yarn, and the formation of warp knitted fabrics you will need one or more sets of yarns, each yarn piece made up of lots of yarn.