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What Kind Of Mattress Is Suitable For Children?

Jul 10, 2019

As we all know, baby mattresses should fit the baby's body shape and keep the baby dry.

1, Composition and structure

When purchasing a children's bed, try to choose a baby mattress product with a rounded edge at the corner, and the product should be smooth and soft to create a comfortable sleeping environment for the baby. Care should be taken to select a barrier that is breathable and permeable.

2, Brand and quality

When choosing a baby mattress, make sure that the baby mattress uses 100% cotton fabric to protect your baby's healthy growth. Brands with good reputation generally mean good quality.

3, Size

Parents must consider the baby's sleep habits when purchasing baby mattresses. Generally, when choosing a baby mattress for the baby, try to choose a slightly larger baby mattress, because the baby likes to move around in bed while sleeping. .