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Which Kind Of Urine Pad Has Good Water Absorption

May 14, 2019

The diaper pad has a great effect. It prevents the baby's urine from getting wet and is blocked, and it also prevents the baby from having a red butt. Of course, for the purchase of the insulation pad, you must buy a good water absorption.

Pure cotton: cotton fiber is soft in texture and has good hygroscopicity. Warm cotton fiber has greater resistance to alkali and has no irritation to baby skin. It is the first choice for most fabric materials, but this kind of fabric is easy to wrinkle and wrinkle. It is more difficult to smooth out later. Easy to shrink, easy to deform, easy to stick, it is difficult to completely remove.


Cotton and linen: The fabric has good elasticity and wear resistance under dry and wet conditions, stable size, small shrinkage, and is characterized by straightness, not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash and fast drying, and is woven with all natural fibers. Carbon-friendly, especially suitable for summer use, but this fabric is less absorbent than others.


Flannel: The term flannel is a foreign language, a soft, suede fabric woven from carded wool. The flannel has a layer of plump and fine fluff covered with no texture, soft and flat, and slightly thinner. After fluffing and raising, the hand feels full and the suede is delicate. However, the antibacterial property is weaker than bamboo fiber.


Bamboo fiber: Bamboo fiber is the fifth largest natural fiber after cotton, hemp, wool and silk. Bamboo fiber has good gas permeability, instant water absorption, strong abrasion resistance and good dyeing properties. It has natural antibacterial, antibacterial, antimony, deodorant and anti-ultraviolet functions. This kind of fiber is used on the front of the urine pad, which is soft and comfortable, and has strong water absorption. It is the first choice for the material of the front of most of the urine pad. I recommend you to use this material!


PU: Most of the reverse material of the urine pad is PU waterproof and breathable film. This material is resistant to oil, water and mold, has good recyclability and good gas permeability, and greatly reduces the growth of bacteria.