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Yikang Insulation Pad Through The Baby Class A Clothing Standard Test

Jul 10, 2019

Yikang diaper pad is tested by Class A standard for baby close-fitting clothing and has obtained SGS related test report.

It is reported that the standard of Class A infant products originated from the national implementation of GB18401-2010 "National Textile Product Basic Safety Technical Specifications" from August 1, 2012. The specification stipulates that children's textile products of 3 years old and younger must refer to Class A standards (where Class A clothing is available for infants, Class B clothing can be worn, Class C clothing is only wearable), and the standard is forbidden to cause cancer. The number of substances detected has increased from 22 to 24, which has increased the standard threshold for Class A infant products. However, the implementation of the standard for baby products in category A greatly ensures the safety of the baby's use of the product.

Yikang's products have been successfully tested by SGS. The test results show that the Yikang insulation pad has not detected the extractable heavy metal content, can decompose the carcinogenic aromatic amine dye, and the surface and bottom test data of the product are completely consistent with sweat resistance and saliva resistance. Five color fastness test indicators related to friction, water resistance and washability.

A type of textiles as a product directly in contact with baby skin, chemical fiber material, low color fastness and easy to fade, not only affect the normal use of the product, but more importantly, it is easy to induce allergies in infants, but also involves corporate integrity issues. The reason why the country raises the threshold for the decomposition of carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes is to protect the personal safety of infants and children to a great extent, and also hope that consumers can check them when they buy.