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4 Steps To Use A Urine Pad

Aug 27, 2019

1, cleaning the urine pad

After buying a new insulation pad, you must first wash the insulation pad with hot water. There may be some bacteria and viruses on the new insulation pad. These diseases need to be cleaned with boiling water to avoid Infected during use.

2, padded in bed

In the winter, the urine pad can be directly used on the sheets, padded on the sheets, and there is no fear that the baby will sweat and be airtight. The winter weather is cold, so the pad is on the bed and does not have much influence on the skin.

3, under the sheets

When using the urine pad in summer, everyone must be under the bed sheet. This is to prevent the baby pad from being airtight and impervious to the baby's skin. The pad can effectively absorb the baby's sweat under the bed sheet.

4, timely cleaning

If the baby has a bedwetting situation, be sure to take out the urine pad in time, then put it in boiling water for cleaning, and wash the sheets together, and then continue to use it after exposure in the sun.

After the above introduction, I think everyone has already understood how to use the insulation pad. The urine pad can be re-circulated. Everyone must pay attention to high-temperature anti-virus when cleaning. Only in this way can the bacteria and virus be completely removed. And when using the insulation pad, everyone must pay attention to the breathability. If you do not put the sheets apart, it is likely to cause the baby's butt to appear rash, so be sure to clean it after finding the bedwetting.