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Adult Care Knowledge

Mar 27, 2019

1, Targeted care

Analyze the causes and problems of urinary incontinence with patients and their families to obtain their consensus. For urinary incontinence caused by reduced self-care ability or communication difficulties, it is necessary to formulate a time plan to assist in urination and help patients to urinate in time. For incontinences that are completely incapable of self-control, a more thorough plan, such as senile dementia, should be developed. According to the nursing records to analyze the causes of urinary incontinence, choose the appropriate method, such as the use of adult diapers to assist in urination. For bedridden patients, we should try to relieve the patient's inferiority complex and relieve the patient's mental stress. For urinary incontinence caused by mental factors, time and environmental factors, we should understand the cause of the disease in detail, do a patient and meticulous interpretation, and eliminate the patient's thoughts. The restlessness and fear, the proper arrangement of the surrounding living environment, and the greatest comfort in the spirit, the urinary incontinence may disappear.


2,Focus on psychological care

Urinary incontinence causes great pain and inconvenience to patients, which seriously affects the quality of life of patients. In particular, the elderly are slow to move, their ability to move is weakened, and self-esteem is vulnerable to injury after illness. It is prone to distrust and stubbornness to others, and depression is low, anxiety, and loneliness. The caregiver must first be patient, kind, and tireless, and use good nursing language and behavior to arouse the patient's confidence in rehabilitation.

First, care about the patient

In the occurrence of this disease, it will bring a lot of harm to patients with this disease, especially in drinking water, there will be some psychological concerns, usually automatically reduce the amount of drinking water, which is easy to increase the chance of urinary tract infection. To explain to the patient the need for urine to stimulate urination, keep the intake of liquid daily at 2000-2500ml. Limit drinking water before going to bed to reduce nighttime urine output.

Second, enhance training

In life, it is also necessary to properly treat some of the bladder's functional training programs. It is necessary to guide patients to drink water properly every day, and to do more genital muscle contraction and relaxation exercise.

Third, pay attention to observation

Careful observation of some adverse reactions of urination, effective coordination of regular urination, starting 2-3 hours, and then gradually extended the interval to help restore control functions.

Fourth, health and cleansing

Pay special attention to the cleanliness of hygiene and change underwear frequently. Otherwise, the urine will stimulate the skin for a long time, which can make the stratum corneum soften and lose normal defense function. In addition, the ammonia in the urine stimulates the skin, causing a rash and even acne. To keep the skin clean, dry, and clean in time, change clothes, pad, bed sheets. The skin can be applied with a proper amount of ointment protection.

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