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Adult Care Pad Production Standard

Apr 19, 2019

Adult care pads are designed for adults with limited mobility and must meet the following performance criteria when making them:

1. adult care pad specifications Model: A type: maternity mat; B type: medium single; C type: bed sheets; D type: hole towel; E type: quilt cover; F type: pillowcase.

2. the appearance. Adult care pads should be flat, no obvious defects, no stains, no damage, no abnormal smell and foreign objects.

3. the adhesion. Plus the film medical care pad, the filming area must not seep.

4. Sewing or heat sealing. The adult nursing mat should be sewn firmly. It should not be off-line or jumped. The sewing thread density should be no less than 8 needles/75px, and the sewing margin should be no less than 7.5px. If the heat is tight, it should not be firm. Cracking.

Adult care pads should meet health standards, the total number of bacterial colonies ≤ 200cfu / g, the total number of fungal colonies ≤ 100cfu / g, coliform bacteria can not be detected, pathogenic septic bacteria can not be detected.

Adult care pad

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