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Adult Non-woven Nursing Mattress

May 18, 2018

Adult Non-woven Nursing Mattress

Adult Non-woven Nursing Mattress

1.Applicable crowd: women with menstrual incontinence and incontinence

2.Product structure: S:600mm×450mm    M:600mm×600mm        L:600mm×900mm

3.Soft and comfortable: imitating cotton soft dry surface, the surface is made of soft, satirical nonwoven fabric, easy to 4.penetrate comfortable, permeable, reverse osmosis, always keep dry and clean skin.

5.Super absorbent: made of imported long fiber fluff pulp. Rapid absorption and effective prevention of diaper rash.

6.Mesh diversion design: quickly dredge liquid diffusion, speed up absorption, prevent soaking the skin of users, keep the skin dry. Add polymer imported from the United States to absorb liquid quickly and keep the mesh dry.

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