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Applicable Population Of Underpad

Dec 24, 2019

According to different users, underpad can be divided into baby underpad, maternal underpad and adult underpad.

Baby care pad is mainly used for newborns, which plays the role of isolating urine to ensure that the mattress or mattress below is not soaked in urine, so baby care pad is also known as the diaphragms. When the baby care pad is wet, it is best to replace it immediately to ensure that the baby's buttocks are dry.

Maternity care pad is a necessary product for women after childbirth, also known as the maternity mattress. Just after giving birth to a child, a large amount of lochia will flow out every day in the first half of the month. The general sanitary napkin can not meet the needs. At this time, a special maternity care pad is required. The use time of maternal nursing pad is generally from the first time to the whole puerperal bleeding and lochia discharge.

The adult care pad is mainly used for post-operative and paralyzed people as well as people who can't take care of themselves. It is convenient to replace the adult care pad, which can ensure that the mattress under the building will not be dirty.

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