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Application Of Adult Nursing Pad During Operation

Apr 09, 2018

Adult nursing pad can reduce the incidence of hypothermia in operation patients, and reduce the number of times to move patients, significantly more stable than repeated changes in the patient's vital signs, patients feel more comfortable, under you detailed introduction of adult nursing pad in the operation of the application: Adult Care Mat

First, preoperative: on the stretcher leveling two 90*60cm2 adult care pad, in order to isolate the patient's body and stretcher direct contact, depending on the patient's condition, using the patient's own translation or two-person moving method, the patient moved to the stretcher, covered well covered. The general principle of handling is to light the handle, shorten the distance, save energy. In the process of transportation, do a good job of keeping warm.

Second, intraoperative: intraoperative disinfection fluid and a variety of flushing fluid overflow, nursing pad can quickly absorb, keep the surface dry, to avoid the damp sheets on the patient's skin stimulation, reduce the loss of heat conduction of the skin.

Third, after the operation: the shovel-type stretcher placed on a flat car, two nursing pads tiled on the stretcher, the middle corresponding to the patient waist buttocks plus a nursing mat. After delivery to the ward, nurses and caregivers carry shovel-type stretchers to the patient's bed, remove the stretcher, check whether the adult care mat is flat, cover the patient and prevent body temperature from being lost. In the whole process of handling, observe the patient's vital signs, lip color, there is no shivering occurred.