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Baby Bib Selection

Dec 24, 2019

It is suggested to start from the age of month:

3-4 months baby: at this time, the baby's salivary gland development is more and more mature, the amount of secretion is also more and more, and also to deal with baby's overflow and spitting milk and other issues.

Optional bib material: strong water absorption, comfortable and skin friendly, good cleaning and quick drying, similar to towel cloth, 360 degree bib.

4-6 months old baby: This is the baby's auxiliary food and long teeth stage, because the baby's food will stimulate the activity of oral salivary gland; and the baby with long teeth will bite back and forth to stimulate the salivary gland to become more sensitive because of the uncomfortable gum.

Optional bib material: it needs to have multi-function of water absorption + waterproof, the best can have the function of tooth fixing device, easy to clean and easy to store, similar to the functional bib, with a tooth fixing device attached so that the baby can bite at any time.

6-12 months baby: at this time, the baby's complementary food has been for a period of time, and the swallowing ability will be improved with the increase of the baby's month age. At this time, the baby will swallow saliva naturally, so this stage is the beginning of the shipment of parents, and the saliva flow will be improved.

Optional bib material: it needs to have multi-function of water absorption + waterproof, easy to clean, easy to store, durable silicone material, easy to wear, to solve feeding problems, lovely appearance, similar to detachable large groove bib.

Children 12-24 months old: have entered the stage of independent feeding, saliva is gone, the baby is promoted to a child, the development of small muscles and fine movements is gradually mature, and eating by yourself is more convenient.

Optional bib material: you can find a disposable bib or a clean, easy to store, light and thin material, which can be easily folded and carried, similar to the wash free bib.

After the age of two, it's the day to officially release the bib, which is the best state; if you can't be in the best state, you may still be surrounded by the bib.

Adult Feeding Bibs