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Baby Bibs Selection And Safe To Use

Nov 01, 2019

First come and talk to everyone about babies, commonly known as drooling. According to custom, when the baby is four months old, there will be a “do April day” ceremony, and the grandmother’s family will send the baby “squatting” because the baby is most likely to drool during the long tooth period, hangs the sag and protects the chest. Before the dry, my mother will start to hand-made biscuits or donuts, use a red string, and then hang on my baby's neck, and then let the elders of the family come to the baby to do the reception ceremony and say auspicious words.

Of course, these words are all blessing the baby and also expect the baby's saliva to be less and less. However, our family did not help the children to hold a reception ceremony. Because I know that during this period, the child has teeth, and drooling is normal. I agree with raising my hand, believe it or not!

Speaking so much, a very small mother will doubt why the baby will be so flooded during this period.

In fact, because the baby is ready to enter the complementary food and long teeth stage, the professional teaching method should be: the baby's salivary gland is more and more mature, so the secretion is more and more developed, so it is about 4-6 months old. When the baby's saliva secretion will be more and more.

Because of the flood of saliva, there will be many moms and dads who feel that it is not good for the baby to drool like this. In fact, Mom and Dad don't have to worry too much! Because drooling actually has a lot of positive effects!

1. It can clean and prevent tooth decay.

2, is the best digestive enzymes.

3, can also lubricate the mouth and avoid stomach acid to stimulate the esophagus, protect the digestive tract.

4. The final focus is that it can assist in the development of swallowing ability.

Although there are so many benefits in drooling, if the mother and father do not pay attention, because the saliva flow continues, the skin around the baby's lips is inflamed and infiltrated (the so-called saliva rash) and the saliva overflows to the neck folds. Inflammation and other conditions, then you will be recommended to parents, this is the best time for the baby bib to intervene, from this period to wear baby bibs to protect their skin and instant wipe .

Just come and talk to everyone about how to choose a baby bib? Before you choose, you must know the baby bibs, you should choose the baby bib for your baby for different stages of growth!

It is recommended that parents can start from the age of the month:

3-4 months baby: At this time, the baby's salivary gland develops more and more mature, and the amount of secretion begins to increase, and it also has to deal with the problem of baby's overflowing milk.

Mom, you may need a bib material: strong water absorption, comfortable material and skin-friendly, good cleaning and quick-drying, similar to terry cloth, 360-degree bib.

4-6 months baby: This time is the baby food supplement, long tooth stage, because the baby's eating will stimulate the oral salivary gland active; and the long tooth baby will bite and bite to stimulate the salivary gland to become more sensitive because of the discomfort of the gums. .

Mom You may need a bib material: need to have water absorption Waterproof multi-function, it is best to have the function of a solid tooth cleaner and easy to clean, similar to the functional bib, with a solid toothed device for the baby to bite at any time.

6-12 months baby: At this time, the baby food supplement has been around for a while, and the baby's swallowing ability will increase more and more. At this time, the baby will naturally swallow the saliva, so this stage is the father. When the mother is shipped, the condition of the saliva will be improved.

Mom You may need a bib material: need to have water absorption Waterproof multi-function, clean and easy to store, silicone material durable, easy to wear, solve the problem of feeding is not easy to fall off, cute appearance, similar to the detachable large groove bib.

12-24 months of baby boy: has entered the independent feeding stage, the saliva is gone, the baby is promoted to a child, the development of small muscles and fine movements is gradually mature, and eating is more convenient.

Mom you may need a bib material: you can find a disposable bib or clean and easy to store, light and thin, free to fold and easy to carry, similar to a disposable bib.

After the age of two, it is the day to officially release the bib pocket. This is the best state; if it is not in the best condition, it may still be surrounded by the bib.

Finishing the focus

1. Good cleaning material

2. Can pick up food

3. Easy to store

4. Adjustable size

5. Material safety

6. Cute appearance (this puts the last....)