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Baby Summer Sleep Tips

Jun 25, 2019

Since the summer, the baby's sleep time seems to be less. The sweltering weather makes the baby sweat often and sleeps shallowly. But for the baby's growth and development, enough sleep time is very important. If the sleep is not enough, it will directly affect their growth.

Baby should pay attention to the following techniques during summer sleep, which can greatly improve the quality of sleep for the little ones.

1. Take anti-mosquito measures.

Hey, summer mosquitoes multiply, white and tender little babies are the most likely to be their bite. If your baby is bitten by a mosquito, it will naturally become difficult to sleep because of itchy skin. At this time, in addition to using mosquito nets, mothers can also plug in the sub-thermal heat repellent liquid for 1-2 hours before going to bed, long-lasting mosquito repellent and tasteless and non-irritating.

2. Lower the room temperature.

In summer, the room temperature is higher, and nowadays most of the babies are hot, and many mothers will turn on the air conditioner to lower the room temperature to make the baby fall asleep more comfortably. However, in the middle of the night, the room temperature is easy to be low. If you don't pay attention to the baby, it is easy to catch cold. Mom can choose to wear the sleeveless sleeping quilt for the baby. The 6-layer breathable cotton yarn is of moderate thickness, neither afraid of sultry nor warmth. The baby sleeps comfortably.

3. Lay the insulation pad

Putting a diaper pad on the bed can ensure that the baby stays fresh at all times, allowing the baby to fall asleep more comfortably, and also facilitate the mother to clean up.