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Bedding Buy

Feb 17, 2017

1, texture

The texture and thickness of the fabric in the heavy give the feeling of bold and rugged; give the impression of delicate and elegant fine quality. To reference when you buy furniture in the room, the overall effect of decoration materials.

2, pattern

Fabric pattern flower, lines, all of the printed fabric patterned with flowers or the actual area "smaller", light coloured, by contrast, printed with a pattern of lines woven materials generally give people a sense of direction or a sense of movement, using line density, direction and color contrast

Split plane again, to achieve the desired vision.

3, the price

Bedspread can be divided into three categories: luxury, fabrics high workmanship, exquisite designs, suitable for newlyweds or families with higher incomes; building exciting, fabric, like high-end, just work easier, does not affect the use, suitable for families; cheap and practical, suitable for middle and old age home. According to own actual situation to decide to buy.