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Bedding Maintenance

Feb 17, 2017

1, bed linen (excluding core classes), cleaning frequency can be determined in accordance with personal hygiene. Prior to initial use, first water rinse may be pulp quality, and on the surface of the floating color washed off, use a relatively soft, cleaning will not easily fade in the future.

2, in addition to more specific material as well as indicate the persons do not wash (like silk), in General, the washing procedure: first in water with neutral detergent into the washing machine, the water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees centigrade, detergent dissolved completely and then add bedding, soak time is not too long.

Use alkaline detergent or the average water temperature is too high or detergent dissolved or soaking for too long can cause unnecessary fade. Meanwhile, cleaning light products should be washed separately from the dark, avoid staining from each other. Outdoors in ventilated place to dry after cleaning, using a dryer,

Use of low temperature drying, temperature should not exceed 35 ° c, to avoid excessive shrinkage.

In short, read the washing instructions on product carefully before cleaning, decorative accessories of the products before washing must pay attention to the lace, pendant to take off, to avoid damage.

3, when the collection Please clean, completely dry, neatly folded and put in a certain amount of moth balls (not direct contact with the product), should be kept where it is dark, low humidity and good ventilation. Do not use the product for a long time before reuse to dry in the Sun, bring it back and fluffy.