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Can The Baby Be Washed By Pad?

Apr 06, 2018

It is best to prepare a pad in infancy, it can isolate urine, avoid the urine soaked to the bedding, at least 2 to prepare, so you can replace. Especially in the evening more need mat on the pad, even if is wearing urine not wet, also need mat, just in case, that baby pad can wash?

Can the baby be washed by pad?

Pad is not a diaper, nor diapers, its main role is to isolate urine, to ensure that the following mattress or mattresses are not soaked in urine, pad wet the best change immediately to ensure that the baby's butt dry.

Pad can be washed, in the cleaning of pad, the best use of warm water to wash, not too hard to scrub off pad, just use a little soap, gently rub it.

But when pad must wash, can not machine wash, otherwise will lead to pad deformation.

New buy back pad before use, also need to clean, with soap or special baby laundry liquid gently rub can, preferably through the sun, play the role of bacteria, but do not bask too long.

Design principle of separating pad

General pad for the two-storey design, the surface is towel material, the lower layer is the glue, this pad price is relatively cheap, but poor water absorption, and not breathable. Better anti-pad for the four-storey design, respectively, for the surface, suction layer, waterproof, bottom, waterproof layer used TPU waterproof breathable membrane, the design of the pad, fully take into account the water absorption, waterproof, breathable, comfortable and so on several major requirements, the baby is more comfortable. Although the four-layer design, not thick, breathable, waterproof is very good.


TPU full Name thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (thermoplastic polyurethane), it overcomes the many defects of PVC and PU skin, with other types of thermoplastic elasticity incomparable excellent performance, so also known as the future material. TPU waterproof breathable membrane, non-toxic, high waterproof breathable, antibacterial mildew, high strength, good toughness, good elasticity and softness, washable, abrasion resistance, UV-resistant (ozone) performance, weatherability (Low gentle toughness), anti-aging. The waterproof layer is made of TPU, which is based on its waterproof and breathability. As we all know, the emergency clothing requirements waterproof breathable, and some of the suit is also used TPU to complete the waterproof breathable product requirements.