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Can The Pad Be Washed By Machine?

Apr 01, 2018

Can the pad be washed? The pad can be cleaned, but some are disposable and thrown away. If the pad can be cleaned, could you put it in the washing machine? In fact, according to the characteristics of pad, or suggest hand washing is better, the main role of pad is waterproof layer, with the washing machine, it is easy to get the waterproof layer twisted and lose its role. And machine wash, can only wash alone, can not and other clothes mixed cleaning, so easy to other bacteria, machine wash words are not hand wash so clean, and machine wash pad easy bad, life is not long.

Second, for a lot of moms how to buy the right pad for their baby to use it, separated pad what brand good? is more concerned about the problem, the size of the pad is based on the age-free design, general 0-1-Year-old baby, but also relatively small, you can not need to buy so big, buy a small enough, if it is 1 years old baby, it is the baby will move to move, you can buy a large number of pad, lest dirty bedding.