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Can You Wash The Bed Pads

May 07, 2019

The adult care pad produced by our company is also called the urine pad.

The diaper pad is a washable care pad. It is currently a 4-layer structure including: a top layer, a water absorbing layer and a waterproof layer and a non-slip layer. The water absorbing layer is disposed between the surface layer and the waterproof layer. The utility model is characterized in that the surface layer is a polyester warp knitted fabric, the water absorption layer is a cotton polyester blend fabric, the waterproof layer is a TPU waterproof breathable film, and the anti-slip layer is a polyester fiber warp knitted fabric. The TPU waterproof breathable film and the polyester fiber warp knitted fabric are physically pressed together, and then connected to the top layer and the water absorbing layer by quilting and seaming.

Therefore, the insulation pad produced by our company can be cleaned. When cleaning, use a special detergent, gently wash by hand, and then dry it.

adult care pad