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Caring For The Elderly

Dec 03, 2019

The old man, who is dedicated to the society and the family, is the treasure house of knowledge and the key to wisdom. He not only nurtures us, but also spreads the truth of being a man to us through words and deeds. Although we sometimes feel that the old man's knowledge is old and the way of thinking is too orthodox and stereotyped, the old man is still the last and most firm support of our soul. After we hit the wall in reality Return to the basics, we will still feel that what the elders have inherited is the wisdom and wisdom, and we will still feel that the inherent quality and concept of our nation cannot be given up. This is the soul of our nation, passed on by the elderly, and then passed on from generation to generation through us. Guide our nation to live forever, guide our nation to stand tall in the world's national forest.

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