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Causes Of Incontinence In The Elderly

Dec 13, 2019

1. Fecal incontinence caused by disease

Due to the degradation of the functions of various organs and the low immunity of the body, the elderly are easy to get sick. Some diseases will cause fecal incontinence, especially the atrophy of anal muscles after illness. Most of them will have the symptoms of fecal incontinence. Some serious diseases can cause fecal incontinence, such as diarrhea or rectal cancer.

2. Muscle dysfunction

This is the most common cause of fecal incontinence in the elderly. Many elderly people have relaxation of anal muscles, decreased tension, and decreased ability to control defecation. After having had anus operation again, can appear the phenomenon of anus incontinence. There are also some patients with hemorrhoids, polyps out of patients are also very easy to appear fecal incontinence.

3. Neurological disorders

If there is dysfunction or damage to these nerves, it will lead to fecal incontinence, such as stroke, shock or excessive fright. If there is paralysis of the lower body, there will also be symptoms of fecal incontinence.

4. Dysfunction after operation

Many diseases need to be operated, such as anal fistula, rectal cancer, perianal abscess and so on. These diseases are all operated in the anal appendage, which will inevitably lead to functional degradation, and then cause fecal incontinence.

These are the reasons for the incontinence of the old people. There are some inevitable reasons. For example, the function of the old people has decreased. There is no way to treat it. We can only carry out more anal lifting exercises at ordinary times, which can slowly restore the muscle function. If the old man has fecal incontinence, he should be treated in time, pay attention to personal hygiene, clean the area around his anus, and change his underwear in time, especially if he is in bed to avoid bedsore.

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