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Characteristics Of Underpad

Dec 17, 2019

The nursing pad for the elderly is a convenient nursing pad for the elderly to use to help absorb excreta. The elderly who use the nursing pad have some characteristics, such as long-term bed rest, poor self-care ability, incontinence degree of urine and urine, etc. In order to solve the absorption problem of nursing pad, we should pay attention to other problems, such as air permeability. After the nursing pad absorbs water, the water will not seep again. But usually, the bottom film of nursing pad is plastic film, which is not as soft and airtight as the quilt, which has an impact on the skin. The skin also needs to breathe. Moreover, the surface layer of the nursing pad needs to lock the water and keep the surface dry. Some nursing pads absorb the water, but the surface is still wet, which is the same as not absorbing. Because the skin is always in this environment, the acid of excreta will make the skin in this environment produce incontinence dermatitis for a long time, and then form pressure sore. Pressure sore is very terrible, and the old people are in deep camp Poor sales will be hard to cure. That is to say, why should we often turn over the elderly in nursing, because of skin pressure damage and skin ventilation. So choose nursing pad to use good quality, cheap pad has no effect. Haining Yikang Textile Co.,Ltd 's underpad is a very good product, with the above.

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