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Correct Cushion Method Of Diaphragms

Dec 31, 2019

In summer, diapers are usually placed on mattresses or mattresses, which are then covered with comfortable sheets to prevent babies from sweating and airtight. At this time, the bed sheet may often get wet, so it needs to be cleaned frequently, but for the comfort of the baby, mothers should never be lazy. As for winter, the diaper pad can be directly placed on the bed, and then put on the diaper for the baby, and then put on the diaper pad. If the diaper pad is dirty, it should be replaced and cleaned at any time. Generally, three or four diapers are needed at home, which is enough for replacement. Some families are not used to using diapers. They only use diapers or diapers for babies, which may cause side leakage when they go to bed at night, and may cause sudden urination when changing diapers or diapers for babies. Therefore, diapers can also be bought to be used when changing diapers or diapers. The better anti urine pad is designed in four layers, namely, the surface layer, the water absorption layer, the waterproof layer and the bottom layer. The TPU waterproof and breathable membrane is used for the waterproof layer. The anti urine pad of this design fully takes into account the requirements of water absorption, water resistance, air permeability, comfort and so on. The baby is more comfortable. Although the four layer design is not thick, it has good air permeability and water resistance. When using the diaphragms, mothers must be careful not to let infants and children bite with their teeth; do not let sharp objects touch; pay attention to the oil pen or color pencil writing marks can not be erased; the product is far away from the fire source and heat source.

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