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Elderly Incontinence Care Industry Upgrades Adult Diapers Or New Topics

Feb 17, 2018

Internationally, an ageing population of 7% is defined as an aging country. By this standard, China is already a veritable aging society.

Because of the aging society, the population structure of the new problems began to highlight, not rich first old, age, loss of energy, empty nest, less children will bring new challenges to society.

How to take care of the elderly, many people simply understand that the elderly in the home for retirement. Purple Cattle Health Research institute that not all elderly people have self-care ability, many elderly people, such as physical disease caused by the long hospital bed without filial piety, old-age need to solve the problem of eating and drinking of the elderly and Lazarus.

Apart from the young need to take care of their lives, old age also needs to be cared for. How to give more care to the elderly under the age of severe aging is reflected in the details. Purple cattle is large suction adult diapers, the main use of American cotton German core, advocating genuine. As the domestic elderly rehabilitation and endowment products leading brand, is committed to effectively solve the special needs of elderly people, for many people with incontinence, this means that dare to drink water, dare to go out.

Insiders believe that for the well-off community, care for the elderly will often choose the pension services, but the market is a mixed bag, often pay high prices may not be able to buy intimate pension services. However, if we adjust the way of thinking, it is a successful way of thinking to treat the old-age pension correctly with the mentality of caring for the young. Adult diapers will be accepted by the public with the upgrading of the endowment industry.