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How Much Do You Know About Your Baby's Bib

Sep 10, 2019

Baby Bib: Your baby can wrap around the chest while eating, preventing the falling food from soiling the clothes.

Many mothers buy multiple baby bibs when they buy baby products before they are born. It seems that the bib will protect the baby's own or the baby's clothes from being smeared by the soup. However, the cleaning of the bib itself is a complicated matter.

Honey often sees some treasure mothers use their bibs to wipe their mouths. The baby usually unconsciously drools on the bib, and many times the baby will accidentally eat the bib into his mouth. These details tell us that the bib is a baby product that is easy to breed bacteria.

Baby bib

In fact, not only the bib. Baby's towels, toothbrushes, bath towels, etc. need to be carefully cleaned. 

The baby's resistance is much lower than that of adults, and he is curious about the world. Every day, he feels like he wants to taste it. Cleaning your baby is a big priority for every mom. 

Honey's good friend Xiao A, now is the mother of two children. It didn't take long for the second child to be born. Nowadays, the baby's clothes are cleaned every day, not to mention the bib. Almost every meal has to be changed.