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How Often Does The Warm Quilt Cover Pillow Cover?

Oct 26, 2019

Many people think that in the winter, bedding such as quilts can obviously be changed for a long time. Because in winter, the body sweats less, and the sheets are not easy to be dirty. In fact, the dirt is hard to see by our naked eyes, although it is In the winter, it is recommended that everyone should also change the washability. In the winter, I suggest that you change the wash every two to three weeks.

How Often Does The Warm Quilt Cover Pillow Cover

In the spring and autumn, don't think that the bacteria have not yet begun to multiply. In fact, as the weather gradually warms up, the speed of bacterial reproduction is very fast. Then, in the spring and autumn, the sheets are best replaced by the cover every week. This will ensure that the sheets are cleaned and the body is healthy. Let you feel healthy and comfortable every day.

In the summer, it is natural to say that bed sheets and quilts are the most diligent to change. It is recommended that you wash them once every three days for best. In summer, many bacteria and residues will accumulate on the sheets. In the summer, the human body will discharge a lot of sweat, and these sweats are also a big pathogen, which is not only bad smell, but also very unfavorable to the body. Therefore, in the summer, you should change your washing.

Under normal circumstances, many people will say that the sheets are not dirty and do not need to be changed. In fact, the sheets are the dirtiest. There are many bacteria on the sheets that we can't see with the naked eye. There are many ways to grow the bacteria. For example, the skin cells that are shed by the human body will become the food of the mites. Aphids and their feces will gradually accumulate on the sheets and will grow bacteria. Dust, lint, fabric fibers, particles, tiny insects, pollen, soil, sand, and cosmetic granules can also grow into bacteria. Therefore, it should be kept clean and tidy at this time. It is beneficial to the physical and mental health of our body to change the sheets frequently.

Warm quilt cover pillowcases must not only be diligently cleaned, but also know some correct cleaning methods. Because the bacteria on the sheets are very much, the water temperature should be controlled between 54 °C and 66 °C during the cleaning. Wash for 15-20 minutes, and then dry or dry in time to achieve the sterilization effect. In order to achieve the best antibacterial effect, bleach can also be used, which is the cheapest fungicide, but the concentration is preferably lower when used.