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How The Baby Uses The Washable Underpad

Jan 01, 2018

The pad is divided into disposable pad (the blue or pink waterproof film used in the hospital) and washable pad.

Disposable pad is easy to use, throw away directly, just very uncomfortable, flooded baby buttocks may cause red butt.

Washable pad is a textile, if you buy good quality, skin contact will be very comfortable, wet urine will not flooded baby buttocks.

When to use:

1, the baby in bed laid on the sheet, the baby on the pad suction water.

2, for the baby to change urine is not wet, the body under the cushion on the pad.

3, for Lochia still not clean treasure mother, it is best to use separate pad

4, the future baby does not wet the bed, the pad can be left to treasure mother every month those days with

What kind of septum pad is the quality of good?

Buy a pad that absorbs water quickly. It is the surface after the water can be dry for a short time. This does not affect the baby's skin at all.

Where to buy water fast dry pad?

The proposal goes to Baidu search "surface absorbs water fast dry separates pad", should have a lot of.

New to buy the pad, clear blisters half an hour after washing machine dry drying can be used for the baby.