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How To Care For Disabled Elderly

May 08, 2019

Disabled elderly people are generally divided into disabled and semi-disabled elderly. Today, we will introduce the nursing of the disabled elderly. It is entirely possible to take care of the disabled elderly in accordance with the disabled elderly.

care for elder

Elderly sheet change

1. Close the window as appropriate to protect the elderly from being blown by the wind.

2. Level the old man, help the old man to lie on one side of the bed, back to the caregiver, and move the pillow to the opposite side with the old man.

3. Roll up the sheets and sweep the slag from the quilt.

4. Spread the clean sheets on one side of the bed (front side), the middle line of the seam is aligned with the center line of the bed, and the upper half is rolled up under the old man, and the half of the side is close to the bed, the tail of the bed, the middle, and the middle Tighten tightly under the mattress, help the old man to lie on the clean sheets, face the caregiver, turn to the opposite side, pull the dirty sheets from the bed to the end of the bed, then pull the clean sheets flat, the same as the shop Ok, help the old man to take the supine position.

5. Cover the quilt and lay it flat so that the old man can comfortably lie down.

6, one hand to protect the head of the old man, the other hand to take out the pillow, replace the pillowcase, give the elderly pillow.


Old man turning over

A disability old man's long-term posture will hinder the normal blood circulation of the body, which is not conducive to the physical and mental health of the elderly. It is necessary to help the elderly to turn over and not only help the blood circulation, but also let the muscles of the body get active and effectively prevent pressure sores.

1. When the supine old man wants to turn to one side, first put the old man's hands on the abdomen and bend the knees on both legs. The nursing person stretches the forearm into the waist of the old man, and the other arm reaches into the lower thigh. With the strength of the arm, the old man is quickly lifted up. , move closer to the bed edge and turn to the opposite side.

2. Lift the head and shoulders of the old man and turn to the opposite side. Place a soft pillow on the back of the old man to maintain the position. Put a soft pillow on the chest and support the forearm to make the old man comfortable.

3, the old man's upper leg bent forward, the lower leg slightly flexed, between the knees, padded with a soft pillow to prevent pressure and friction between the two legs.